An Original Mediterranean Recipe

Four Winds Fine Foods offers spreads bursting with flavor...


Pasta Salad

Pasta Bake

Potato Casserole

Baked Fish

Chicken Gordon Bleu

Spinach Salad w/ Walnut Feta Dressing

Twice Baked Potato

Walnut Feta Salad Dressing

There are many applications for these fabulous feta spreads. A few suggestions are listed here, but really your imagination is the limit. Using these Four Winds Fine Foods Feta Spreads will take any ordinary snack, dish or meal to the extraordinary!

  • Use any or all flavors as a sandwich spread, including hamburgers. For a more gourmet idea, use toppings on your sandwiches that work well with your choice of feta flavor. Examples – sundried tomatoes with the sundried tomato feta or a nice prosciutto fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato with Pesto Feta Spreads/Dip as your spread and garnish with a few fresh basil leaves.
  • Instead of mayo use one of the Four Winds Fine Foods Feta Spreads in chicken salad, tuna salad or add to your potato salad recipe.
  • Try using Garlic Feta Spread/Dip instead of BĂ©arnaise sauce with your grilled steak.
  • Makes a fantastic shrimp cocktail sauce or as a dip/accent for any steamed or fried seafood. Oysters on the half shell, fantastic!
  • Use over steamed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes or asparagus. It also makes a fantastic fresh raw vegetable dip.
  • A fantastic addition to any pizza or when making hot appetizers such as bruschetta.
  • Need something quick & easy waiting for dinner, watching the game ? Bring Chip & Dip to a new level.